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Friday, 25 February 2011

Fashion students and Drapers...There is no excuse not to read it!

Each time the Fashion Careers Clinic visits a Fashion College or University to talk about careers in the industry, we find it amazing how many students don't read Drapers every week!

Everyone in the fashion industry reads Drapers..it's a fact... and even though their web content is impressive and easy to access, office posties across the UK are hunted down on a Friday morning so that someone can be the first person to flick to the back pages and look at the jobs section!
( yes, even in these times of gloom there are some juicy jobs to be had in the fashion industry!)

Once you have found yourself a fab new career, it's time to look at the fashion indicator and see where your brand is in this weeks top ten and gloat if you are there and not mention it if you are not!
By the time you've worked your way through all the fashion news, read interviews with high profile industry movers and shakers and learnt a lot about making your fashion business profitable and successful it's time for lunch...and time to decide who you will pass this valuable commodity over to next!

Graduates seem to under estimate the value of reading Drapers every week and don't seem to realise that it can help them form some excellent inside knowledge of the industry before they begin their job search. Quoting something that you read in "Drapers" shows that you know your stuff and that you are "involved" in the industry. It pulls together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and keeps you up to date.

If you're still a student, your fashion college should have a copy, but if you're finding it difficult to get hold of one, Drapers are currently running a promotion for students with an amazing 70% off their usual subscription price.. www.info.drapersonline.com/student_subscription/ for more information.. Show your parents the offer and explain to them how important it is that you see this magazine and maybe they will "invest" in your education to help you out! (But don't say that we said that!) A subscription also gives you access to their vast website which is updated almost hourly with hot fashion news to really keep you at the cutting edge.

The Fashion Careers Clinic has a wealth of insider info to offer to graduates and students on how to kick start their careers in the industry. Visit www.fashioncareersclinic.com for more information or visit our facebook page to follow us. You can book a careers one to one consultation to discuss job prospects, CV and cover letter presentation, portfolio presentation and all aspects of your job search. We also create a personal action plan for each job hunter, including lists of useful recruiters, jobs boards and portfolio sites. Fashion is a competitive industry - you have to work hard to be the best.

This post is by Jo Eaton.

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