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Friday, 4 March 2011

Do you need a degree to succeed in the fashion industry...?

This is a questions that was posed to the Fashion Careers Clinic this week by a school leaver who wants to succeed in the fashion industry but does not have the suitable qualifications to undertake one of the many, many fashion related degrees that are out there..
Of course, there are many people who have carved out fabulous careers in the industry without having a degree but it does require hard work and dedication and lots of networking!

The Fashion Careers Clinic is running a two day Fashion Career course at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London that answers questions like the one above and gives students an overview of how they can succeed in the fashion industry. Its free to 16-18 year olds and available to everyone. The first course on the 13/14th April is already fully booked, however there's another the following week - 20th and 21st April. Also keep your eyes peeled for further dates to be confirmed for the end of May...

Visit http://www.ftmlondon.org/news/museum/detail/?ID=115 for more information or email info@ftmlondon.org / phone 020 7407 8664. Although the course is free, you may be charged a cancellation fee if you don’t attend. You will learn all about the different areas of employment in the fashion industry and get lots of top tips to help you progress...

If you can't wait for the course or you need help now, please contact us to book a careers one to one session where we can discuss your individual needs.

If you're interested in getting into fashion marketing, PR, branding or promotion, contact jo@fashioncareersclinic.com

If you're interested in getting into fashion, accessories or textile design, contact Steph@fashioncareersclinic.com

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  1. This argument is very interesting.

    I plan to write a book based on this very idea, having Graduated last year and spending four months interning for free, and as a freelance stylist and writer still taking on unpaid work to 'build up my portfolio', it seems never ending...

    I'm doing a blog giveaway at the moment, hope you can check it out! :)


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