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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Ezoe Robinson - Winner of the FDC Young Designer Awards

We posted a while back about the FDC Young Designer Awards - here's an interview with the lucky winner, Ezoe Robinson, who won with her fab dress inspired by the Lion King...

- Your winning entry was inspired by the Lion King - what made you decide on this as your theme?

I chose Lion King as my theme because it has always been my childhood favourite musical and I love all the colours, patterns and textures in the costumes worn by the actors in the theatre play which provides a lot of things to draw inspiration from.

- How long did it take you to create the dress?
I worked on the dress for 5 months alongside my A level studies to try and get into Central Saint Martins, which included 2 months of researching African art in museums and visiting related events such as the Lion King exhibit at the National Geographic museum. It then took just over 3 months to source materials and make the garment because i made the top half of the dress from loose raffia straw which took a long time to plait and sew individually onto the top half of the dress.

- Why do you think the judges chose your design - what feedback did they give you?
I think the judges chose my design because of the amount of research and thought which went into the concept behind it. Apart from taking inspiration from what I saw visually in the play, I also chose to focus more on the theme of coming of age in the play and focusing on the main character Simba as a grown up adult Lion at the end of the play, This led me to base the silhouette of my dress on the head of an adult Lion with the shape of the bodice based on the ears of the Lion, the raffia detailing around the waist based on the mane of the lion and the cowries shells and tusk beads based on the teeth of the Lion.

- How did you feel when they announced you as the winner?
Wow, I was really shocked and it happened so quickly that at first it didn’t feel real until the presenter handed me the trophy. After that I felt really proud of myself because of all the months of hard work I put into making the unique dress, which really paid off and it also made me feel more determined designer as winning the competition felt like one step closer to becoming a successful fashion designer in the future.

- How many others were you competing against in this category?
At first I was competing against 16 other designers for the young designer awards however many of the participants began to drop out as it got closer to the date of the show, so in the end I competed against 8 designers during the show, which was probably because the competition was very demanding particularly for designers who were still studying hard at school.

- You now have the opportunity to create a collection for the Florida Fashion Design Expo - tell us more about what that will involve...
I am really excited about this opportunity and the Florida Fashion Design expo is an international event which gives new emerging fashion designers a chance to showcase their collections abroad. Now I am going to put together a small capsule collection of 5-6 Avant garde garments for the Florida Fashion Design expo which I am currently deciding on a theme to influence the style of the designs.

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