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Friday, 15 April 2011

Sir Phillip Green To Launch Fashion Manufacturing Academy?

Manufacturing academy plans may become a reality...

Retail tycoon Sir Philip Green is in talks with the government to train the next generation of pattern cutters and machinists, by launching a fashion manufacturing academy.
The already successful Fashion RETAIL Academy is jointly funded by Green’s Arcadia empire, Marks & Spencer, Next and Tesco. However, whereas the FRA is entirely paid for by the private sector, the fashion manufacturing academy would be likely to be paid for jointly by the fashion industry and government.

As the debate rages about whether UK fashion universities provide enough technical knowledge to our design students, an academy specialising in garment manufacturing could equip pre-university students with the skills to either go onto a degree course OR go straight to work in industry.

Last month Green threw his weight behind British manufacturing, saying it was the right time to look at re-opening UK factories and that Arcadia would try to bring more production to British shores.

There are lots of positive moves to increase the levels of education in fashion manufacturing, lets hope that it helps to push more students towards this so called "less glamorous" area of the industry.

This week at the Fashion Careers Clinic's "Fashion Fusion Careers Course" at the Fashion and Textiles Museum, students met Nafisa Shaik, who has over 20 years industry experience as a sample machinist, expert seamstress and stylist at the very top of the market. They learnt how this area of the industry could be varied and interesting (and also profitable) and many of them were inspired to say that they may like to try working towards a technical career...Its great news for the UK fashion industry if young people WANT to learn technical skills..long may it last!

Post by Jo Eaton

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